Felix Kraemer

Master of Arts and Science (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Lab)

Felix is a Berlin based designer and researcher, specialized in developing hardware prototypes and industrial design solutions for scientific purposes. In his work he seeks to leverage the dynamics of the natural environment using robotics, rapid prototyping and novel fabrication technologies.

Born and raised in Munich, Germany, he holds a BA (Bachelor of Arts, Industrial Design) from Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design as well as a MS (Master of Media Arts and Sciences) from MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

Over the course of his professional career, Felix has collaborated with well know companies in the field of Interaction Design, such as Random International, TheGreenEyl, Studio NAND among others, creating predominantly physical prototypes and researching new forms kinetic interaction platforms.

In September 2018 Felix joined the Mediated Matter Group at MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. The group founded by Professor Neri Oxman focuses on Nature-inspired Design and Design-inspired Nature, conducting research at the intersection of computational design, digital fabrication, materials science and synthetic biology. Most recently, Felix has worked with OXMAN’s New York based practice to help create an interdisciplinary research and design facility.

Please find the full CV as a PDF via the link below.